• Upon booking we will work with you to provide a time that fits your schedule.

  • Your cleaning technician will take absolutely all measures to protect your floors, carpets and work surfaces. 

  • To begin with all the removable parts are stripped out and placed in the specially designed dip tank for the deep clean.

  • Then using our eco-friendly products, your technician gets to work, removing all grease, fat and burnt on carbon. No fumes, no fuss.

  • After approximately 2 hours you will be left with an oven looking like new.


Single Oven

Double Oven



90cm Multiple Range

100cm Range

110cm Range




4 Ring Electric Hob

5/6 Ring Electric Hob

7+ Ring Electric Hob





Standard Microwave

Combi Microwave



60cm Extractor

90cm Extractor

110cm Extractor




4 Ring Gas Hob

5/6 Ring Gas Hob

7+ Ring Gas Hob