To keep both you and I safe, I will be implementing the following at all times:

Social Distancing - This will be respected at all times, and I would ask that where possible I am provided with sufficient space to carry out the service. Where possible, if your kitchen is located near an entrance to avoid me walking through the house please let me know beforehand. I politely ask that all customers respect social distancing guidelines.

Protective Equipment - Whilst in your home I will wear a mask and gloves at all times.

Hand Sanitizer - Prior to entering any home I will use anti-bacterial gel. 

Surfaces - All surfaces that I come into contact with (door handles, taps, worktops etc) will be cleaned and wiped down afterwards.

Payment - Invoices will be emailed or text across and payment will be BACS only.

Text Service - All customers will receive a text on the evening prior to my visit to obtain confirmation that nobody within the household has developed symptoms of Coronavirus.

Government Guidance - I will respect and act in line with any Government guidelines whilst working in your home. Should you have any questions please contact me beforehand.